Jeff Albert Quartet – Live at Snug Harbor – 27 Nov 09

This is all of the music (and much of the witty banter) from the quartet’s midnight set at Snug Harbor, in New Orleans, on November 27th 2009.

The files are 128k mp3s. Stream them each here individually, or download the zip file that has all ten tracks.

Musicians: Jeff Albert (trombone & compositions), Ray Moore (alto sax), Jesse Morrow (bass), Dave Cappello ( drums)

Rooskie Cyclist

Erica’s Black Sandals


Chalk & Chocolate/Bag Full of Poboys

Subtle Flower

9th Ward Trotsky

I Was Just Looking for my Pants

(Could Have Been a) Napkin

Similar in the Opposite Way/504 No More…?

Neon Monkey

Click here to download a zip file that contains all of the mp3s. (80.6MB)

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Duos (Chicago) 2008


These are improvised duos.  They are offered in 256k VBR mp3 format.

Dave Rempis (saxophones) and Jeff Albert (trombone). Recorded October 11, 2008 at Heaven Gallery in Chicago. This performance was part of the Chicago Calling Arts Festival.

Episode 1 (mp3)
Episode 2 (mp3)
Episode 3 (mp3)

Jeb Bishop (trombone) and Jeff Albert (trombone). Recorded October 9, 2008 at Elastic in Chicago.

Episode 1 (mp3)
Episode 2 (mp3)
Episode 3 (mp3)
Episode 4 (mp3)

One large zip file of all mp3s and the cover gif.

Image used on the cover was created by Flickr user Stuck in Customs.

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Albert, Coogan, Golombisky, Kirchner, Sullivan

Albert, Coogan, Golombisky, Kirchner, Sullivan


Beware The Penguin (mp3 128k) (mp3 320k) (Apple Lossless)
Turnstile Jumping
(mp3 128k) (mp3 320k) (Apple Lossless)
Bear Food
(mp3 128k) (mp3 320k) (Apple Lossless)
Don’t Smoke Drugs!
(mp3 128k) (mp3 320k) (Apple Lossless)

Jeff Albert – trombone
Tim Sullivan – tenor and baritone saxophone
Brian Coogan – keyboard and melodica
Matthew Golombisky – electric bass
Quin Kirchner – drums

Recorded February 4, 2007 at Audiophile Studio in New Orleans by Richard Bird. Mixed and mastered for web delivery by Jeff Albert.

Each piece is available for download as a 128k mp3 (small file size), a 320k mp3 (better sound and plays on anything, just about) or in Apple Lossless format (best sound, but stuck using iTunes). Please download which ever version(s) best suit(s) your needs.

“Beware The Penguin” is a regular theme/solos/theme style tune. Much of the rhythmic feel is left open to the moment. The harmonic progression is defined by the composition, and we stay pretty close to it.

“Turnstile Jumping” is an improvised episode that happened at the end of a take of a tune called “14th Street Station.” The take of “14th Street” was pretty weak, but our reaction to it was fun. I have saved you the nuisance of having to hear the whole weak take of the tune just to get to the good stuff.

“Bear Food” and “Don’t Smoke Drugs!” are both improvisations.

Enjoy the music and tell your friends.

Jeff Albert & Ed Barrett – Duets Vol. 1

Jeff Albert – trombone
Ed Barrett – guitar

Recorded December 2, 2005 in Mandeville, LA by Jeff Albert

1)504 No More…? (mp3)
2)Improvisation 1 (mp3)
3)Free Melody 1 (mp3)
4)Improvisation 2 (mp3)
5)Noise 1 (mp3)
6)504 No More…? (Take 2) (mp3)
7)Free Melody 2 (mp3)
8)Improvisation 3 (mp3)

I first met Ed Barrett at the University of New Orleans, in 2000 or 2001. Ed was in graduate school, I was an adjunct instructor on the music faculty. Part of my duties included serving as the de facto house engineer in the recording studio. I did a trio session that was led by Ed. One of the compositions consisted of pictures of bicycle races that the band played to or with or against. It turned out to be very interesting music. That was my first clue that Ed was into some “other” kind of stuff.

A couple of years later, Ed and I ended up in a weekly rehearsal group with Jimbo Walsh (bass), and Dave Cappello (drums). The original concept of the group was that we would all write material for it, and we would meet weekly to play our tunes and possibly record. It eventually became known as “The Giggles.” We played a few gigs, and I think Jimbo has some recordings of those sessions floating around somewhere. We met mostly weekly for probably about 9 months, and it was a great growth experience for me.

Fast forward another year or so.

Hurricane Katrina completely flooded Ed’s St. Bernard Parish home. He and his wife rented a house in Mandeville, while they began to sort out their scene in St. Bernard. Ed teaches in Mandeville. On Friday December 2, we met for lunch, and to play some music. The lunch was very good. We ate at this great West Indian restaurant in Mandeville. Then we went to the school where Ed teaches to play for a while. I brought the laptop and some mics, just in case. What you hear on “Duets Vol. 1” is the result of that session.

This music is sort both directly and indirectly informed by Hurricane Katrina and her aftermath. Much of our conversation that day was about storm damage, and evacuation stories, and a cat that lived through the storm and the next few weeks alone in St. Bernard Parish. Much of the creative music scene in and around New Orleans has been stunted as a result of the storm, so this session was a great release for both of us.

I wrote the melody “504 No More…?” the day I turned off my New Orleans cell phone number. It hadn’t worked for almost 2 weeks, and I wasn’t sure if it ever would. At that point, about 2 weeks after the storm, I didn’t know if there would ever be any one in New Orleans to call a 504 number anyway. We played that melody twice at the session. Once right at the beginning, and once later. They each ended up being quite different, so they are both included.

“Free Melody 1” and “Free Melody 2” were things I wrote the night before the session, to serve as improvisational instigators. The other pieces were all spontaneously born at the session.