Warning: This page has just about nothing to do with music, it is just about tools. That being said, I am a gear head. I have owned way too many trombones, but I learned something from just about everyone of them.

I play S.E. Shires custom trombones. They don’t pay me to say that. They don’t give me gear.  They do give me great service and they make marvelous trombones.

My primary instrument is a 2RVET7 bell, with an S tuning slide, the straight neckpipe and counterweight, and a T47N handslide.  I play a Laskey 57MD mouthpiece and the 2N leadpipe.  I also have an S.E. Shires Tru-Bore valve that I use on this horn, when I want/need an F attachment.

I also play a .508 bore Shires (S2R8, T08, #3 leadpipe)with a Laskey 54M mouthpiece, or customized Hammond that I got from Jeb Bishop, depending on the gig and my mood.

My bass trombone is a BI 2RGLW bell, with dependent Tru-Bore valves, a B62-78N slide and B2L leadpipe, that I play with a Laskey 93D.

I try to play acoustically as much as possible with my own band, but I also have a wireless rig that uses an AKG SR60 transmitter/receiver with an AKGC419 microphone, that I can run through MainStage on my MacBook Pro when I want to run effects. I have built a few different effects setups in Max/MSP as well. I also use a Shure SM57 in certain situations, but for straight ahead jazz, would rather just play in a place where the whole band can make music acoustically.

I also use an Apple MacBook Pro, an M-Audio Firewire 410 interface or a Presonus AudioBox 1818 VSL, Sibelius 6, Logic Pro, Max 6, ChucK, and ProTools 10. I have a Roland XP-10 that I use mostly as a MIDI input tool, although it has seen gig use once or twice, and I use an M-Audio TriggerFinger MIDI controller. For live recording I use an Edirol R-9 or a Zoom H2.

One final gear disclaimer: None of this takes the place of practicing and developing as a musician. The gear is just a tool. The right tool makes a job easier, but you still have to know how to use the tool.If you are a gear head like me, check out for an interesting discussion forum that is frequented by some very knowledgeable gear heads…and there is some great music conversation there too.