Jeff Albert Quartet – Live at Snug Harbor – 27 Nov 09

This is all of the music (and much of the witty banter) from the quartet’s midnight set at Snug Harbor, in New Orleans, on November 27th 2009.

The files are 128k mp3s. Stream them each here individually, or download the zip file that has all ten tracks.

Musicians: Jeff Albert (trombone & compositions), Ray Moore (alto sax), Jesse Morrow (bass), Dave Cappello ( drums)

Rooskie Cyclist

Erica’s Black Sandals


Chalk & Chocolate/Bag Full of Poboys

Subtle Flower

9th Ward Trotsky

I Was Just Looking for my Pants

(Could Have Been a) Napkin

Similar in the Opposite Way/504 No More…?

Neon Monkey

Click here to download a zip file that contains all of the mp3s. (80.6MB)

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