Klang, Jeff Albert’s Instigation Quartet | Hideout | Jazz | Chicago Reader

Bill Meyer’s preview, for the Chicago Reader, of the Instigation Quartet gig at the Hideout in Chicago on February 8:

Klang, Jeff Albert’s Instigation Quartet | Hideout | Jazz | Chicago Reader:

“The Instigation Quartet, one of his most adventurous endeavors, is more an idea than a group; its book is a set of loose verbal and written instructions for improvisers, and at each gig he confronts a different set of musicians with those texts. “

He also snuck in a little review of his advance copy of the new CD:

“… in November he recorded a version with saxophonist Kidd Jordan, drummer Hamid Drake, and bassist Joshua Abrams, who turn his instigations into constantly shifting explorations of mood and texture. Because he had three associates of the late, great Fred Anderson on hand, the resulting album—titled The Tree on the Mound and due sometime this year on French label Rogue Art—also includes a couple of the tenor saxophonist’s tunes. Albert’s solo on Anderson’s “The Strut,” which blends blubbery chatter with bluesy testifying, is an irresistible combination of down-home and far-out.”

Click the link for the full piece.

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