Lucky 7s – Farragut – Press

“The album benefits from the contrasting personalities of its two
main writers. Bishop’s pieces…[are] long and multi-segmented;
one moment their attractive melodies coast on vigorously swinging
rhythms, the next they tumble in a free improv freefall.
Albert’s tunes …”Swirling” and “504 No More…?” are tinged
with tragedy, but “Bucktown Special” shakes off melancholy with a
funky groove and joyous horn solos that unfurl over Jason
Adasiewicz’s vibes like flags behind a parade float.”

Bill Meyer in Downbeat March 2007

“The ensemble plays a raucous, yet controlled form of Jazz that
has some of the joy of old New Orleans style yet is thoroughly
Post-Bop in its inflections.”

“The opening piece, “Stitch,” is a microcosm of all that is
strong in this band. Swinging ensemble, an interesting head, a
dynamic rhythm section that builds intensity in response to the
heat of some great solos.”

“This is modern ensemble Jazz of the highest caliber.”

Grego Applegate Edwards in Cadence February 2007

“Neatly balancing abstraction with fat, chewy grooves, the band
gleefully stomps through compositions by co-leaders Jeb Bishop
and Jeff Albert, pulling back occasionally for stark atmospherics
or somber ensemble sections.”

Forrest Dylan Bryant in Jazz Times January/February 2007

“…this intensely rhythmic and instrumental restlessness that
pervades the entire session…”

“…beautiful, yet raucous energy…”

“It’s a simply excellent album…”

Jay Collins in Signal To Noise Spring 2007