“One” Press Quotes – and other old quotes

“Jeff’s recording is fun, and funny, and as directly connected to the progressive stream of jazz as any music you’ve heard recently. Jeff gets it. The music is fresh, personal, and despite his best intentions, accessible. You’ll not only play this recording more than once, you’ll end up sampling it, which he encourages, by the way. And it sounds good too.”

John Snyder (Producer for Ornette Coleman, Sun Ra, Mel Lewis, Gerry Mulligan, and many others)

“unreal, gorgeous, crazy, rudely alive”

David BiednyAuthor

“…an aggressive ensemble delving into the intricacies of group improvisation…”

“Albert blows with gusto, sparking the quartet with his occasional gruffness, but he
maintains an ever flowing sense of continuity and enthusiasm…”

Cadence MagazineSeptember ‘05

“Sounds terrific”

Steve SwellMusician

“Congrats on the new recording, Jeff! Nice band, you must be very happy. It’s cool to hear you digging in with some real roots- trombone over the more modern settings- it makes for an interesting blend. Keep it up!”

Josh RosemanMusician

“Trombone virtuoso Jeff Albert…is known for his ability to jump from traditional to modern music without a hitch.”

David Kunian, Gambit Weekly, May 24, 2005

“His compositions allow for an abundance of free improvisation while also embracing melodic cores and a range of rhythms.”

Geraldine Wyckoff, offbeat Magazine, July 2005

“Jeff has impressive mainstream jazz credentials and chops, but he now draws his inspiration more from the space ways than from the fake book. You should go give him a listen.”

Benjamin LyonsProducer/Writer/Music Lover