Lucky 7s in Cadence year end lists

The Lucky 7s CD, Farragut, made the top of Grego Edwards’ 2007 Record Poll list in Cadence Magazine. Even though the CD came out in late 2006, it was reviewed in Cadence in 2007, so it qualified for the 2007 lists. It’s nice to still be on someone’s mind so many months later. We’re in pretty good company too, other people on Grego’s list include Roscoe Mitchell, Peter Kowald, and Steve Swell.

Magnetic Ear on

MUSIC REVIEW: Magnetic Ear’s new album delivers |

“Another strong instrumental voice (and another reason that ‘Live at Saturn Bar’ has the overtones of a Shepp ensemble) is Jeff Albert on trombone. He, too, makes a fine solo statement on the Thelonious Monkish-funkish ‘Thrift City’, followed by a drums and sousaphone interplay.

And on Strayhorn’s ‘A Flower is a Lovesome Thing,’ Albert uses his mute to ‘growl’ like trumpeter Bubber Miley, a member of Ellington’s famed ‘Jungle Band.'”

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Nice review of the Open Ears show on Hartford Courant blog

Richard Kamins | See! Hear!: Music from Here and There:

“Albert leads a Quintet featuring Tim Sullivan (alto sax), Robin Boudreaux (tenor sax), Nobu Ozaki (bass) and Dave Capello (drums) through 2 sets of blues-drenched, soul stirring music. Recorded just last week (November 7th) ast the opening concert of the Open Ears Music Series at the Blue Nile in the Crescent City, the 2 sets have separate personalities. Set 1 strikes this listener as a bluesy excursion into Ornette Coleman country. Capello’s drums really push, at times sounding like as big-band player driving the ensemble and other times when he suggest the tempo and colors with his cymbals. Most of the music flows naturally, with plenty of dynamic shading, solo time, and occasional Ellington-like ensemble harmonies. The ‘front line’ often has ‘conversations’ but never steps on each other’s musical toes.
Set 2 has more of the same interplay, with a little more ‘fire’ from the saxophonists and harder rhythms. Albert is generous with solo space so one hears plenty of Sullivan’s keening alto and Boudreaux’s rich yet gruff tenor sounds. Albert’s sound hints at ‘gutbucket’ soul, at the funky tones of Albert Mangelsdorf and Ray Anderson, and the smoother stylings of Ellington trombonist Lawrence Brown, often in the space of a single solo. He’s his own man and the music reflects his ‘universal’ taste. “

site redesign and symphony cats

I think I have finished the recent site redesign. You’ll see the Upcoming Events listed in the sidebar, instead of on their own page. I think this will be a little more efficient for you and me.

I will be playing bass trombone with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra for the rest of this season (through May). I am not listing these performances on this website’s events calendar. Go to the LPO’s site ( for all of the info about that schedule.

It is a real honor to be able to play with such a great orchestra. A very wise man told me he thinks this to be a golden age for the LPO, and my ears are agreeing with him.

Lucky 7s – Farragut

Lucky 7sFarragut

Buy directly from the artist using Paypal. $10 US, includes shipping in the US

1) Stitch (Jeb Bishop, BMI) mp3 sample
2) Swirling (Jeff Albert, BMI)
3) It’s Something To Try. For Today, At Least. (M. Golombisky, Tomorrow Music, BMI)
4) Belgrade (Jeb Bishop, BMI) mp3 sample
5) 504 No More…? (Jeff Albert, BMI) mp3 sample
6) Farragut (Jeb Bishop, BMI)
7) Bucktown Special (Jeff Albert, BMI) mp3 sample

Jason Adasiewicz – vibraphone
Jeff Albert – trombone and tuba
Josh Berman – cornet
Jeb Bishop – trombone
Matthew Golombisky – bass and effects
Keefe Jackson – tenor saxophone and bass clarinet
Quin Kirchner – drums

Produced by Jeff Albert, John Worthington, and Jeb Bishop
Recorded live at The Hungry Brain in Chicago on March 5, 2006, except
“504 No More…?” recorded March 4, 2006 at Enemy in Chicago.
Recorded by James Wagner (Strobe Recording, Chicago)
Mixed and mastered by John Worthington

Legal mp3 downloads available from CD Baby.

Jeff Albert – One

Jeff Albert “One” Lakefront Digital LFD-2-005

with: Ray Moore on saxes, Edwin Livingston on bass, and Dave Cappello on drums

All Compositions by Jeff Albert (BMI)
Sorbet remixed by John Worthington from an improvisation by Jeff Albert and Ray Moore

Produced by John Worthington

Buy “One” directly from the artist using Paypal. $10 US, includes shipping in the US


Neon Monkey

Sizzling Sausage Skin

Erica’s Black Sandals

Solar Regulation

Lunch is the Question

Jaco Bottle









(full song)

Recorded by Richard Bird at Audiophile Studio in New Orleans, LA.
on November 29, 2004
Mixed and mastered by John Worthington for Lakefront Digital.

Album Notes (pdf)

Legal mp3 downloads available from CD Baby.
Also available from eMusic.