The Jazz Session » The Jazz Session #420: Jeff Albert

The Jazz Session, a jazz podcast produced by Jason Crane, is making a comeback. Back in February of 2012, I recorded an interview with Jason, and it never was released because he ended the show before the CD that we spent much of the interview discussing was released. Well that CD is out now, and the show is returning, and our interview is now available. Follow the link below to hear it.

The Jazz Session » The Jazz Session #420: Jeff Albert

**A couple of notes:

I have since finished the dissertation that we talked about in the interview. If you are having trouble sleeping and would like to read it, it is here:

The CD order changed a bit since I sent him music before the interview, and one of the tunes he plays in the show, is not actually on the CD. Mixes changed some too, so the bass sounds better on the CD than on the podcast.

“The Tree on the Mound” Reviewed in August 2013 DownBeat

“Whether performing or producing his Open Ears Music series in New Orleans, trombonist Jeff Albert excels at using his own talent to bolster that of his peers. It’s an idiosyncrasy that shines through on his excellent new disc. At the heart of The Tree On The Mound are four improvised “Instigation Quartet” pieces. While Albert gives saxophonist Edward “Kidd” Jordan plenty of space to do his thing, the trombonist also brings a delicate balance of deference and leadership—a combo that allows the music to shape-shift from kinetic and cerebral (“Instigation Quartet #6”) to witty (“Instigation Quartet #4”) to sublime (“The Strut”).”

Totm db review

“The Tree on the Mound” is a recommended new release in The New York City Jazz Record

“The Tree on the Mound” was named a Recommended New Release by Andrey Henkin in the June issue of The New York City Jazz Record.

From the review:

There is a pleasing variance between Albert’s tuneful and rhythmically straightforward bluster and Jordan’s unfettered but emotionally ambivalent tonality. That opposition persists whatever the tactics and stands as one of the strong suits of this album.