Some older pics

Jeff Albert sitting in with Rob Wagner, Hamid Drake, and Nobu Ozaki

Jeff with Rob Wagner’s Trio featuring Hamid Drake and Nobu Ozaki.

Jonathan Freilich, Sam Rivers, Jeff Albert

Jeff with Sam Rivers and Jonathan Freilich after Sam performed with The Naked Orchestra.

Lucky 7s at the Hungry Brain

The Luckys 7s at The Hungry Brain for the live recording of Farragut.

Jason Roebke, Dave Rempis, Jeff, Frank Rosaly, Jeb Bishop

At The Charleston in Chicago with Jason Roebke, Dave Rempis, Frank Rosaly, and Jeb Bishop.

Mike reed, Jim Baker, jeff Albert, Jeb Bishop

Mike Reed, Jim Baker, Jeff Albert, and Jeb Bishop at Sylvie’s in Chicago.

Big Sam Williams, Jeff Albert, Steve Turre, Kirk Joseph

Jeff with Big Sammie Williams, Steve Turre, and Kirk Joseph backstage at the International Trombone Festival Jazz Night in 2005.

Tom Scott, Barney Floyd, Jeff Albert

Tom Scott, Barney Floyd, and Jeff rehearsing with the Funk Brothers.

Funk Brothers backstage

Backstage with The Funk Brothers.

Jeff Albert with Stevie Wonder

With Stevie Wonder at the New Orleans Arena

Tim Green, Jeff Albert, Jonathan Freilich and James Singleton

With Naked on the Floor at dba.

Jeff Albert, Jimbo Walsh

With Jimbo Walsh

diesel conduction orchestra

With the Diesel Conduction Orchestra

Jeff Albert, Sonny Russo

Jeff with Sonny Russo in 1997.