Jeff Albert - Mastering Engineer

Audio mastering services include preparing final mixes for distribution in terms of audio polishing, file preparation, and metadata. I can provide files for digital release, CD, LP, and cassette (and we can probably figure out any other weird thing you might need). This process can be detailed enough, and I am old enough to not mind, that the easiest way to get your project started may be to have a telephone conversation. Feel free to email me at or call or text me at +1 504 270 1345 to get your project started.

Rates for Digital Releases

Single - $50
EP/Album (more than 4 songs, possible additional cost over 10 songs) - $200
Additional formats (CD, LP, cassette) - $50 each

E.g. an LP plus digital release of an 8 song album would be $250.

This includes hi-res wav files, CD quality wav files, and high quality mp3s all from the original master files. CD files are delivered as DDP unless requested otherwise. LP and cassette files delivered to manufactuers specs (usually side length hi-res wav files with timing sheets).

What I will need from you: Hi-resolution wav (or some other PCM format) files of your mixes, preferably with 3-6 dB of headroom; all of the metadata for your release, including artist name, album name, song titles, song order, and any ISRC or UPC info you would like included in the files. As important as the files, is some guidance from you on what you want. Is clean more important than loud? Do you want it to be warm and analog feeling? Give me some sense of what you want it to sound like. Again, if you have questions or are unsure about any of this, feel free to call/email.

Work Samples

Here are some examples of my work. Please email me for a longer list.

Most of my work is in jazz and related spaces, but not all of it...

More about Jeff, phone or text at +1 504 270 1345, or email