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Jeff Albert endorses Remic Microphones.


I play a REMIC W3000 G1 (wired microphone) and a W3000 G1/WL on my Shure wirelesss system. The microphone sounds great. It is the only bell mount microphone that I have ever enjoyed playing in jazz and improvised settings. The low profile makes it possible to play plunger and other mutes, and it does not interfere with a regular trombone stand. This mic makes me want to play with a bell mounted mic all the time.

I own a lot of trombones. My main instrument that I play for as much work as I possibly can is a straight Shires .547, but I also have a Tru-bore valve for that horn, and a .508, and a Shires bass trombone with dependent Tru-bore valves. My collection also includes a straight .525 Yamaha, and a 1950's Conn 88H and a 1960's Conn 78H. You may see me in public with any of these.

I also use Pro Tools or Studio One for (almost all of my) mixing and Studio One for mastering. I do some of my weird sound making with Max 8. I am usually happy to nerd out about gear, so feel free to email me.

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